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Values - Jilleen Matthews Devertuil.jpg

Artwork: 'Values' by Trinidadian artist, Jilleen Matthews-De Verteuil, was repurposed as our For Common Good Platform logo, representing our values as an organization.


For Common Good started off as the theme for an event, back in 2018 and years later, in late 2022 gave way for the incorporation of For Common Good Platform as an entity in its own right. 


For Common Good Platform is a Trinidad and Tobago based non-profit organization that aspires to be known as a leading global platform that showcases the goodwill, creative capital and genius of those committed to social change.


The organization's main objectives are:

  1. To implement programming, offer space and resources, and co-create opportunities for itself and creative practitioners committed to using their work to develop, highlight or document the ways in which the creative arts and communication arts (writing, speaking, reading, listening, researching, illustrating and more) can serve as a catalyst for strengthening youth voice - allowing for mutual enrichment through emotive and academic approaches for work centering creative arts and youth engagement, while maintaining a grass-roots appeal. Youth voice is a concept which describes the many aspects in which youth might have the opportunities to have a voice and active participation in the decisions shaping their lives.

  2. To facilitate professional exchange opportunities and artist residencies for Caribbean and internationally based creative professionals and students interested in community development work that is in alignment with our programs - using their skills and talents to bring benefits to host communities. The exchange is meant to to foster long-term, self-sustained relationships and institutional linkages between people and organizations in the Caribbean and abroad.

  3. To host cultural events to include exhibitions, festivals, seminars and conferences developed to promote the organization while also fostering stronger and more creatively driven and community based approaches to social action.

  4.  To produce films, publish books and create other educational resources that document and tell stories about the contributions of Caribbean and diaspora contemporary social change youth pioneers or those working with youth.


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