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Artist Residency

Making Stories Together

For Common Good: Artist Residency

Nurturing cross cultural collaboration.

The For Common Good: Artist Residency is now underway. Its main objective is to provide space, opportunities and resources for creative practitioners committed to using their work to develop and document ways in which the creative arts can serve as a catalyst for strengthening youth voice. The residency allows for mutual enrichment through emotive and academic approaches for work centering creative arts and youth engagement, while maintaining a grass-roots appeal.


The visiting artist/ curator/ researcher enjoys a flexible time frame for working; they have a work studio/living space at their disposal to complete their projects and our gallery for display. They also have access to our vast network of artists, cultural practitioners, youth audiences and public, private and civil sector institutions.


About the Residency


The Residency has been established to support our organization's work with young people, centered on how the creative arts can be used to strengthen youth voice. Youth voice is important for positioning young people to have a positive impact and affect change in their communities. 

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Leaders are empowered to voice their opinions and the term youth voice is a concept which describes the many aspects in which youth might have the opportunities to have a voice and active participation in the decisions shaping their lives (Fielding, 2001; Levin, 1999). Additional research has shown that engaging youth voice is an essential element of effective organizational development among community and youth-serving organizations (Zeldin 2004).


The visiting resident's work must be committed to supporting young people’s stories, ideas, and dreams using creative artistic expression that honors their lived experience.

For Common Good Platform offers a complete international artist residency program. Each resident receives dedicated and tailored support from our team. Our project is characterized by our grassroots approach at merging creative arts and educational tools with a specific aim at contributing to existing body of work on youth voice as it refers to the distinct ideas, opinions, attitudes, knowledge, and actions of young people as a collective body. 

Duration of residency
The minimum period required is one month. Residents can choose to extend their residency beyond the month, based on availability.


Here at For Common Good Platform’s headquarters in Arima, we will provide you with a self contained apartment that doubles as an artist studio as well as use of our art gallery and back yard event spaces. 


Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
We are open to emerging and established artists, curators, students and researchers from all disciplines within the creative arts - writing, painting, photography, music, dance, theatre, and film. Your project, initiative, exhibition or activity will take a practice based approach that must actively engage our Trinidad based youth. Basic equipment for hosting performances, exhibitions and events is available on-site. Direct assistance on projects will be provided to residents by our volunteers.

Studio / Workspace
Our self-contained apartments are configured in a way to allow residents to also use the space as a studio. Apartments will come stocked with some basic food items, toiletries and cleaning products. We have outdoor areas that can also be used and when not in use, the art gallery can double as a workspace and meeting room. 

Fees and support
We do have a residency fee of USD $1000 per month (the first one month extension will be at a 50% discount of USD $500).We are however always open to working with successful applicants on a case-by-case basis to ensure funding doesn’t impede participation. We are open to discuss. For residents applying for grants and scholarships in their home country, For Common Good Platform can provide official documents and letters of invitation as needed.


For Common Good Platform is a registered non-profit organization that seeks funding for arts and social change related projects and will at times put out calls for funded or partially funded residencies separate from this general unfunded residency. 

Expectations towards the artist
Each resident receives tailored support from the For Common Good Platform team to ensure they are well settled and also connected to the resources and information needed. Residents are expected to present a finished product that can be in the form of an exhibition, film, performance art piece, written work, papers, workshop, lecture, talk or any other output that clearly fosters youth voice through the creative arts. The output will be documented and shared on our For Common Good Platform. 

Applications Open Soon!

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