Country Programs


In 2020 Caribbean Fashion and Arts Feature Festival (CFAFF) re-branded all its programs under the FOR COMMON GOOD banner; embracing the pivotal role of the creative arts in shaping the quality of intercultural relations as well as creating a unique platform for artists, audiences, and other stakeholders in the sector to strengthen the overall impact of their own arts for social change programming.

FOR COMMON GOOD's purpose is to:

  1. Increase the arts for social change programming knowledge of stakeholders;

  2. Increase in innovative community driven approaches to social action;

  3. Increase the access to info, resources, materials, tools, people, and agencies through the shared contributions of contemporary social change pioneers who practice creative methods of advocacy to advance social change across the globe.

The platform rolled out in Trinidad and Tobago in 2020 with two programs, namely, FOR COMMON GOOD - Arima x Louisville Exchange; and FOR COMMON GOOD - Youth Arts Enrichment Program.

FOR COMMON GOOD is currently developing strategies for introducing programs to other countries in our bid to build a global FOR COMMON GOOD movement.