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Youth Arts Enrichment Program

Telling Their Stories

A precious opportunity for the cultivation of journalism, photography, videography, filmmaking, marketing and communications skills of young change-makers, ages 14- 18. With communication arts training (writing, speaking, reading, listening, researching, illustrating and more) at its core, this community driven program not only builds the technical skills of participants but also exposes them to a wide array of social change concepts and allows them to see themselves as important agents of change.


We have decided that the 2023 cohort of the program, funded by the JB Fernandes Memorial Trust 1 will focus specifically on community based journalism to help the young participants introduce us to who they are, shine a spotlight on their communities and tell the stories of those who they consider unsung heroes.


Their writing will then be published as a professionally designed book and promoted through launches, public readings, exhibits, and more to amplify and support the critical community and wider-social dialogue that we know the publication will generate. More than a creative initiative, we intend to leverage their work into as many additional professional, educational, cultural, and social opportunities for them as possible.

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Images from the current 2023 edition of For Common Good: Youth Arts Enrichment Program

with youth participants from Athens School of Education in Trinidad.

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